Knocking on Heaven’s Door: A Conversation with Katy Butler

“My mother got more information when she bought a car than when she was making the decision about my father’s pacemaker” says Katy Butler, award-winning journalist and author of the new book “Knocking on Heaven’s Door. Katy’s father, Jeffrey Butler, had suffered a stroke and also developed a painful hernia. His insurance refused to pay […]

How patients make decisions about cancer care: The story of Ronnie Belcher

Part 1 of 4: “It was the most gut wrenching decision I ever had to make”  At the age of 72, Mr. Ronnie Belcher, a wonderful and independent gentleman, a proud father and a doting grandfather had to deal with a terrible diagnosis. Nine of his ten siblings had been diagnosed with cancer and over the […]

Hospice versus Palliative Care: What is the difference?

Photos: Carmen Espada, RN, Oncology Nurse Educator, Michael Mejies Travel Coordinator, Lellani Prieto, Unit Coordinator, Skilled Nursing Facility, OVAMC Our ability as Palliative Care advocates and providers to articulate the  similarities and differences between palliative care and hospice care have been a burr in my saddle for some time. So, I asked 10 consumers and […]

A Conversation with Ellen Goodman about the Conversation Project

There’s a big gap between what Americans say they should discuss and what actually happens when it comes to one’s wishes about care at the end of life. A new national survey released by The Conversation Project reveals that while more than 9 in 10 Americans think it’s important to talk about their own and […]

Committee on Transforming End-of-Life Care

Please watch the video Committee on Transforming End-of-Life Care: Community Organizations posted by Institute of Medicine.