Pain, Pain Go Away: Palliative Care for San Francisco Elders Goes Beyond Meds

Photo: Norbert Charles is a volunteer at the Curry Senior Center in San Francisco. Recently diagnosed with cancer, he now receives palliative care at Curry. (John Burks/Central City Extra) SAN FRANCISCO–Norbert Charles worked for seven years as a volunteer at Curry Senior Center, helping mostly low-income Tenderloin neighbors with failing health. He showed them movies, […]

Stay or Go? Terminally Ill Undocumented Immigrants Face Dilemma

Photo: Palliative care patient Gil García García with his niece Fatima LOS ANGELES — When Gil García García began to feel a sharp pain in his left foot, he didn’t think it was important. “Two weeks later, I could not walk. I needed help to get up. I had a constant and bad headache,” García […]

The Affordable Care Act and Older Americans

  12-08-2013, Palo Alto. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the public sphere has been crowded with information, misinformation and political posturing. In this highly politicized climate it can be difficult and intimidating empower yourself with the facts needed to make informed decisions about health insurance. For older adults, however, it is […]

‘It’s About Life’ – Changing Korean American’s View of Palliative Care

Above: Jung Kwak teaches social welfare at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. A fellow of the Gerontological Society of America, she has long studied Korean American attitudes regarding death and dying. SAN FRANCISCO – Eunice Kim has spent the past three years working as medical interpreter in San Francisco, where she helps Korean patients communicate with […]

Serving those who served: Growing need for quality geriatric palliative care for Veterans

  The Veteran population is rapidly aging  with 9.2 million veterans who are 65 years of age and older (See Table 1 below). 1.4 million Veterans are “old-old” i.e. 85 years or older. Like the late Mr. Martin Wise (US Coast Guard Veteran) shown in the video, most of the illness burdens borne by Veterans […]

Hospice versus Palliative Care: What is the difference?

Photos: Carmen Espada, RN, Oncology Nurse Educator, Michael Mejies Travel Coordinator, Lellani Prieto, Unit Coordinator, Skilled Nursing Facility, OVAMC Our ability as Palliative Care advocates and providers to articulate the  similarities and differences between palliative care and hospice care have been a burr in my saddle for some time. So, I asked 10 consumers and […]

Hispanics Overcoming Barriers to Elders’ End-of-Life Care

SAN JOSE, Calif.–Maria Lacayo’s mother was diagnosed with dementia 13 years ago, and soon after with Alzheimer’s. Since then, Maria has taken care of her Mom nonstop, every day, at their home in San Mateo. Seven years ago, her caregiving demands intensified after her mother suffered a stroke. More than once, physicians warned that Lacayo’s […]

Have You Spoken with Loved Ones About Your End-of-Life Care Wishes?

Photo by Albert Lu. LOS ANGELES — A top priority for most Californians at the end of life is to not be a burden on loved ones. But less than half have actually spoken to family about what they would want to happen, if they become incapacitated, according to a recent study. This is especially […]

For Asian Indian Americans, Need Grows for Culturally-Sensitive Palliative Care

Photo: Gary Lee, MD, is chief of palliative care at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. (Photo by Gerardo Fernandez). SAN JOSE, Calif.–An elderly man was found unconscious on a bench in Santa Clara County, Calif. The person who discovered him called 911. Taken by an ambulance to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (CSVMC) in San […]

Why Are Latinos Not Using Palliative and Hospice Care?

SAN JOSE, Calif.–As the Hispanic population continues to grow in the United States– and grow older–so do their needs. Without changes, aging Latinos are reaching the end of their lives unprepared spiritually or financially. Some experts believe that the shift needs to happen from within the community, while others say it is a matter of […]