Care Planning, While Hard, Helps Filipino Families Honor Dying Patient

Photo: Aurora Cudal, left, and her family made the tough decision to respect her husband Winlove’s wishes to die naturally—and not prolong his life artificially. LOS ANGELES –San Jose Mercury News journalist Lisa M. Krieger faced an unthinkable ordeal in June 2011, as she rushed her 88-year-old father to Stanford Hospital, due to a mysterious […]

Filipino Americans “In Denial” On Palliative Care Benefits

Photo: Stanford’s V.J. Periyakoil, MD, discussed the benefits of palliative care for very ill and dying patients and their families. (Mico Letargo, Asian Journal) LOS ANGELES – In the United States, health care for elders has always been and will always be an important topic. Whether it is discussed within the context of the federal […]

How Chou-Yibing Xiao Died with Dignity

“My Mom never followed doctors’ orders. She told me that she wanted to keep her sense of dignity even though she was in the final phrase of her life,” recalled Ya-lu Xiao, an immigrant from Taiwan now living in Cupertino, Calif. Xiao’s mother, Chou-Yibing Xiao, was diagnosed with renal failure, but she insisted on not […]

Palliative and Hospice Comfort Chinese Seniors at the End of Life

Photo: Esther Luo, MD, of Kaiser Permanente in Santa Clara, said Chinese families avoid palliative care for lack of information on how it can ease the end of life. SAN FRANCISCO–While Chinese culture has its particular perspective on death and dying, there are many challenges for Chinese people to use palliative and hospice care. One […]

At Life’s End Filipino Care Decisions Rely on God, Family, Home

Photo: Rowena Patel heads Laguna Honda Hospital’s palliative care unit in San Francisco. SAN FRANCISCO–When it comes to making end-of-life health care decisions, religion, family and home are powerful influences on many terminally ill Filipino immigrants in America. This can challenge providers of palliative care, who must deliver comfort care with sensitivity to seriously ill or […]

More Filipino Americans Will Need Palliative Care

Photo: Willie Briones (center) had three family members die of cancer and says palliative care made a big difference in their last days. SAN FRANCISCO–Ray Garcia, a Filipino American resident of South San Francisco, remembers the suffering of his childhood friend who was dying young of brain cancer at home in Manila 35 years ago. […]

Why Ethnic Elders Forego Hospice and Palliative Care

Photo: Virginia Jackson, chief of chaplaincy at the Palo Alto VA Medical Center Palliative Care Clinic. (Gerardo Fernandez/Alianza Metropolitan News) PALO ALTO, Calif.–Dealing with the reality of a terminal illness is something that prompts many African-Americans to look to the clergy and spiritual leaders, but not necessarily for comfort and support in hospice care. Palliative […]

Church’s Compassion Creates Community-Care Model for AIDS Patients

Photo: Giuseppe Riga volunteers to comfort and prepare  for other people with HIV/AIDS. (Pamela MacLean/ SAN FRANCISCO–Giuseppe Riga has an engaging smile he earned the hard way.After volunteering in 1993 to help the dying when AIDS ravaged the San Francisco gay community, he learned that he was HIV positive and his life came unraveled. His journey […]

Palliative Care Key to Dignity at Life’s End for Elders

Photo: Carla Reeves, caregiver. (Image by Debbie Juan) Successful Aging Journalism mini-fellow, JenMei Debbie Juan, News For Chinese/New America Media, News Analysis STANFORD, Calif.–Efforts in the United States by government, hospitals and many hospice and palliative care programs have slowly planted the seed of the end-of-life care movement in Chinese communities here in recent years. […]